The Original Kishu Umeshu
Original Kishu umeshu, brewed using only genuine Kishu plums by a Kishu method to preserve the flavor.
Enjoy the tried and tested flavor of Uguisu-yar.
All 19 varieties of Baba’s Umeshu↓
(Unblended Umeshu, Bitter Orange Umeshu, Japanese Citron Umeshu, Cloudy Umeshu, Lemon Umeshu, Kuro Ushi Pure Umeshu, Cask-aged Umeshu, Frozen Umeshu, Charcoal Umeshu, Honey Umeshu, Brown Sugar Umeshu, Red Umeshu, Green Tea Umeshu, Black Tea Umeshu, Traditional Umeshu, Oshuku Umeshu, Rose Umeshu, Peach Umeshu, Apple Umeshu)

The commitment of Kishu Uguisu-ya
The renowned waters of Kishu Kumano Tonda Water Monde Selection Gold Award
Tonda Water

To accent the mellow flavor of the Umeshu, we use Tonda water for the mother water. This water is the renowned the Monde Selection Gold Award-winning water from Kishu Kumano.

A Kishu Product    Fully-Ripened Nanko Plums
A Kishu Product Fully-Ripened Nanko Plums

Kishu is the number one growing district for plums in Japan. It is a large production area for the top-class brand "Nanko Plums" in particular. Whilst major producers of umeshu use plums that are still green and unripe, we brew our umeshu primarily using Kishu fully-matured Nanko plums.

A choice liqueur of Kishu Kuro Ushi
A choice liqueur of Kishu Kuro Ushi

The Kuro Ushi Pure Umeshu is a blend of the choice liquor of Kishu, Kuro Ushi. Kuro Ushi is brewed by a long-standing and expert method that focuses on pure sake brewing with a commitment to the rice flavor. It is brewed from the brewery's own polished rice. This is the choice liquor, representative of Kishu.

No drinking under the age of 20 We cannot sell liquor to persons under the age of 20.