Kuro Ushi Pure Umeshu
Kuro Ushi Pure Umeshu
“Kuro Ushi,” the choice sake of Kishu meticulously fermented from the breweries’ own polished rice with a commitment to preserving the flavor of rice. This is a pure umeshu produced from Kuro Ushi and highest-grade Kishu Nanko fully-matured umeshu. The dry flavor is completed with “Tonda water,” the natural waters of the Kumano Kodō. This rare article is finished with a thoroughly dry taste and bottled with the experience of three Kishu producers. As this umeshu is unusually dry, it complements all kinds of cooking, so you can enjoy it as a drink with your meal. We recommend refrigerating the bottle before drinking.

Kuro Ushi: Nate Takakazu
Nanko Umeshu: Yamanaka Katsuji
Uguisu-ya: Kamakura Yoshiyuki
Alcoholic content: 13%
Ingredients: Refined sake, umeshu, sugars
Kuro Ushi pure umeshu 300ml ¥880 (tax inc.)
Kuro Ushi pure umeshu 720ml ¥1,920 (tax inc.)

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No drinking under the age of 20 We cannot sell liquor to persons under the age of 20.